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    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Software, Web Services and Tools to Meet Your Business Needs

       Net-Soft To Save You Time, Money and Work.
       Net-Soft To Give You Quick Answers and Solutions.
       Net-Soft To Solve Your Most Pressing Everyday Problems.
       Net-Soft To Educate You and Keep You Ahead of the Pack.
       Net-Soft All FREE and Organized the Way You Think and Work!

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"This is the first WebSite I've seen that is organized the way I need information to solve my everyday business problems on the Net. It saves me a lot of time and money."

"I just love the FREE phone calls and Faxes!"

-- Carol Conn

    Net-Soft     Serious About Your Net Business? - Here's a Sample of What's Inside

       Net-Soft Latest Web Tech Free Phone/Fax...
       Net-Soft Latest WebPage Creation/Edit Tools...
       Net-Soft Document Viewers/Conversion Tools...
       Net-Soft Text Compose/Edit/Convert/Chat/More...
       Net-Soft Browsers, Browser Speedup Tools, Plugins...
       Net-Soft EMail Clients, EMail Tools, EMail List Tools...
       Net-Soft New Search Engines, Search Engine Submit Tools, ...
       Net-Soft Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint Tools...

"I've looked high and low for a WebSite that actually addresses the real problems and difficulties of doing business on the Net. Finally I found it here."

"I love the emphasis on FREE Communications and Efficiency. I'm putting the money I save here into better Web Hosting, WebSites and Marketing. That's also here -- just excellent!"

-- Bill Ruderman

    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Net Marketing Information - First Things First - Get this Info Now!
Net-Soft - Killer Net Marketing Tactics!

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    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Unlimited Long Distance Calls - Anywhere to All US Locations
"Wow, this conversation is just like talking phone to phone"
     Net-Soft Huge Business Advantage
     Net-Soft Nothing to Download and Install
     Net-Soft Reach Any US Phone
     Net-Soft Reach Any Computer
     Net-Soft Any Internet Connection/Speed
     Net-Soft Any Sound Card/Microphone

"This is what I've been looking for. Now I can call any US Phone -- even Alaska and Hawaii -- without hesitating a second. This is really going to help my home business."

-- Bill Walters

    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Fax to EMail Service - Send/Receive Faxes, VoiceMail (and More!)
"Did you hear that great EMail I sent?"
     Net-Soft Huge Business Advantage
     Net-Soft You Get Personal 800 Number
     Net-Soft Faxes Arrive in Your EMail Inbox
     Net-Soft No Setup, Page or Hidden Costs
     Net-Soft Fax from FaxMach/Computers
     Net-Soft Send/Receive Anywhere

"This service packs a lot of punch. You get messaging, a file- sharing calendar service, and a toll-free 800 number. It's the only free service that (voice) reads EMail, addresses, appointments, or to do lists over the phone."

-- Business Week - August 16, 1999

    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Net Answering Machine - Don't Miss Incoming Calls While Online
     Net-Soft Huge Business Advantage
     Net-Soft Easy Setup and No Hidden Costs
     Net-Soft Avoid Extra Phone Line Cost
     Net-Soft Downloads in Less Than Minute
     Net-Soft Display Play/Save Messages
     Net-Soft Hear Who's Calling While Online

"Boy, to think I used to miss all these calls. This is like having a computer-based call-waiting call-forwarding service"

-- Jim Henry
    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Message Board for Your WebSite - Create Your Own Community

     Net-Soft Create Board In Under 5 Minutes.
     Net-Soft Customize to Site Look and Feel.
     Net-Soft Get Traffic With Your Community
     Net-Soft Enter To Win Special Prizes

"I never thought I'd be able to add a message board to my WebSite. Thanks Coolboard."

-- Gene Mortimore

    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Website Traffic Builder -- Build Traffic Like Never Before!

     Net-Soft FREE Trial
     Net-Soft Fast and Easy
     Net-Soft Full Keyword Coverage
     Net-Soft Search Engine Optimized
     Net-Soft Flexible - Customizable
     Net-Soft Big Site Traffic Growth

"I really love your service...My traffic has increased and I don't have to PAY for it!"

-- M. Baseluos
    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Website Checking Service - Take NO Chances - This is the Best


Net-Soft Check Links and Spelling.
Net-Soft Check HTML and LoadTime.
Net-Soft Fix Broken Pages and Links
Net-Soft Speed Up Your Load Time
Net-Soft Optimize Your Page Graphics.
Net-Soft Keep Site in Tip Top Shape.

"Wow! I love the way this service reports back so quickly on the most important problems on my WebSite. And the reports are so clear and detailed. What a time saver!

-- Bob Oritis

    Net-Soft     Net-Soft Virus Check and Clean System - Prevent Disaster - Easy to Use


Net-Soft Detects and Cleans Viruses
Net-Soft FREE Online Support
Net-Soft FREE Software Updates
Net-Soft FREE Virus Data Updates
Net-Soft Program Easy to Customize
Net-Soft Catches All/Any Viruses

"I'm very impressed. This FREE program is very easy to use and already I've caught several EMail Attached File Viruses and several Microsoft Word Macro File Viruses. These could have destroyed my whole system! The FREE updates give me much greater confidence I'll catch viruses before they catch me"

-- John Avery

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